Entry Definition
s/he wins h/ back (e.g., dollar); s/he wins (something) back from h/ (e.g., gambler)
s/he wins it back
s/he sweeps h/ (e.g., wood-shaving); (figuratively) s/he wins everything from h/
s/he wins prize; s/he wins part of something (e.g., prize money, set of prizes)
(boxing, fighting) s/he won
s/he wins a lot from h/; (with plural direct object) s/he picks or gathers a lot of them (berries, clams, etc.)
s/he gets a lot of it, picks or gathers a lot of it, wins a lot of it
s/he wins a lot from h/
s/he gets a lot, picks or gathers a lot, wins a lot (of something)
s/he pounds entire surface of it; (gambling) s/he wins all of it (money, "pot")
s/he gets it all; s/he hits it all
(in contest, race, game) s/he wins
(gambling, cards) s/he wins all or part of pot from h/
s/he wins it (prize)
s/he cuts h/ (e.g., tree) from there; s/he knocks piece off h/; s/he wins from h/ (e.g., wins some of h/ money)
s/he cuts or chops it from there; s/he knocks piece off it; s/he wins it (prize, jackpot, etc.)
s/he hits it to a certain distance; s/he wins or earns so much of it (money)
s/he wins verbal argument with h/, defeats h/ in debate
winner of prize; winning gambler
s/he angers h/ by hitting h/; (cards, gambling) s/he angers h/ by winning too much money from h/