Entry Definition
it continues to snow, keeps on snowing
there is mild weather in winter, a thaw, causing fallen snow to become moist (snowball or snowman weather)
a crust starts to form on the snow
(conjunct forms only) the snow is very deep
s/he is snowed in
piled snow blocks it
the snow is deep (e.g., in drift)
it snows in big (moth-like) flakes
it starts to snow
s/he starts walking through deep snow, goes off walking through deep snow (without snowshoes)
hare snow is falling
s/he piles up snow
(car) it is stuck or hung up in snow (e.g., wheels move freely but chassis is stuck on the snow)
s/he, it gets stuck in snow
the snowstorm is over
it snows often
s/he digs it out of the snow
there is light, fluffy snow (that has fallen)
s/he goes (comes) to shovel snow
there is soft, deep snow
s/he shovels snow
s/he shovels snow off it (driveway, path, porch, etc.)
s/he shovels snow off something belonging to h/
there is fresh snow falling
it is snowing so hard that it's dark or hard to see