Entry Definition
s/he, it keeps going, is still going
s/he goes away forever, goes away for good
s/he goes out from there
s/he has to go there, must go there
s/he, it stops going there
s/he, it goes back and forth
(conjunct forms only) it is going really fast, is going like hell
(conjunct forms only) s/he is going really fast, is going like hell
s/he goes there often or regularly
s/he goes there repeatedly
it goes fast
s/he, it goes fast
s/he goes about openly (not hiding anything)
they walk there, they walk thus (Pa); they go there (Ma)
s/he goes the long way (e.g., to avoid traffic or because s/he gets lost)
s/he goes along slowly
s/he goes slowly
s/he goes out into the water, onto the ice, into field, into clearing, etc.
s/he is heard going (but is not seen)
s/he keeps on going in (when s/he should stay outdoors)
s/he keeps going out (when s/he should stay indoors)
going or coming to a location
it is going to be made there (here)
s/he, it goes along lightly, s/he is fleet of foot
(garment, shoe, etc.) s/he, it goes on quickly, slips on quickly