Entry Definition
s/he glances back (over shoulder)
s/he glances over toward here
s/he sneaks a quick peek or glance
s/he glances around looking
s/he glances around looking for it
s/he hits h/ on head with glancing blow, grazes h/ head (e.g., with baseball)
s/he hits h/ with glancing blow, grazes h/; (baseball) s/he ticks h/ foul (ball)
s/he hits it with glancing blow, grazes it
s/he glances in
s/he glances, looks quickly
s/he recognizes it just by glancing at it, happens to catch sight of it
s/he observes h/ with repeated glances, looks at h/ with curiosity, looks at h/ strangely
s/he glances underneath
s/he glances underneath it; s/he glances at it underneath something
s/he glances out
s/he glances at h/
s/he glances at it or scans it, gives it a quick look; s/he skims it (text)
s/he glances at it between something (curtains, slats of a venetian blind, fence boards, etc.)
s/he glances in at it
s/he glances all around, takes a good look
s/he looks back quickly over shoulder, glances back
s/he glances quickly and repeatedly
s/he glances quickly
s/he glances out quickly, sticks head out to take a quick glance
s/he takes quick glance at it and looks away, glances at it cursorily