Entry Definition
s/he throws it, flipping it over backward
s/he opens it quickly, flips it open (door, cover, damper, etc.)
s/he flips over backward, does a back-flip (intentionally or unintentionally)
s/he does a flip (jumping) or somersault
s/he flips it over
s/he, it flips over in water and floats upside-down or face down
s/he flips over and lands upside-down or face down
(canoe, lamp, etc.) it flips over easily, it is unstable; (ballgame) the score (i.e., which side is ahead) can change at any time
s/he throws it quickly; s/he flips it through the air
s/he throws it fast to h/, flips it through the air at h/
s/he flips h/ over
s/he flips it over
s/he flips it over
s/he flips over something belonging to h/
s/he turns or flips h/ around by hitting h/, knocking against h/, etc.
s/he, it is flipped or turned by being hit or jarred
s/he turns or flips it by hitting it
s/he turns h/ over quickly, flips h/
s/he turns it over quickly, flips it
s/he flips something belonging to h/