Entry Definition
s/he went and cried (and has come back)
s/he stops crying
s/he cries to h/ sobbing loudly
s/he cried, can cry
s/he is going to cry, wants to cry; s/he is on verge of tears
s/he starts to cry
s/he cries all the time, cries constantly
(conjunct forms only) why s/he is crying; why is s/he crying?
s/he has stopped crying
s/he is heard crying (but is not seen)
s/he grieves or mourns or weeps for h/ (e.g., for person who has left or died)
one who cries or weeps (e.g., actor, professional mourner)
s/he cries or weeps thus
s/he cries for no reason; (child) s/he cries from hunger
s/he can cry (after being unable to cry because of anger, shock, etc.)
s/he cries self to sleep
s/he cries, weeps
s/he cries or weeps for it, cries to it
s/he cries or weeps to h/
s/he cries from getting burned
s/he laughs so hard that s/he cries
s/he weeps as s/he talks, talking makes h/ cry
crying, weeping; causing crying or weeping
s/he scratches self so badly that s/he cries (e.g., on thorns)
s/he makes h/ cry by making h/ feel lonely; (in translation, inverse forms) s/he misses h/ so much that s/he cries; (inverse forms with inanimate subject) s/he misses it so much that s/he cries