Entry Definition
h/ mouth is open
(sack, etc.) its mouth is open
s/he opens mouth and holds it open
s/he sleeps with mouth open
s/he stares open-mouthed, gapes
its mouth is crooked
h/ mouth distorts to one side from wind pressure (e.g., from zipping along on bicycle or rollercoaster)
roof of h/ mouth, h/ soft palate
s/he has ugly mouth
s/he sits facing toward here with mouth open
edge or corner of h/ mouth or h/ lip
edge or corner of h/ mouth or h/ lip
h/ mouth or throat itches
s/he has large mouth
s/he has large mouth; s/he is big-mouth, boasts, brags
s/he covers h/ mouth with hand(s)
s/he washes (own) mouth, washes (own) lips
interior of mouth, roof of mouth (Sipayik)
s/he has greasy mouth
s/he has itchy mouth; s/he talks too much, is fast talker
s/he has foul mouth, talks dirty
s/he opens h/ mouth, forces h/ mouth open
s/he holds its mouth open (e.g., sack)
s/he props h/ mouth open with stick
s/he props its mouth open with stick (bag, box, door, etc.)