get up

Entry Definition
s/he gets up quickly (from lying down to sitting, from sitting to standing, etc.)
getting up (from sitting or lying down)
s/he gets up (sits up or stands up)
s/he gets h/ to stand up by hitting h/
s/he gets up late, rises late (from sleeping)
s/he rises early, gets up early (out of bed)
s/he arises or gets up from sitting or prone position
s/he gets up so far (e.g., injured person trying to stand)
s/he tries to get up, tries to stand up (e.g., injured person)
s/he is early riser, gets up early in morning
s/he gets up from there (quickly)
s/he gets up from there
s/he gets up from sitting position
s/he stands up, gets up (especially, to dance)