come in

Entry Definition
s/he, it is first, is the first one; (competitor) s/he comes in first; (baseball) s/he plays first base
s/he comes or goes in at certain time (regularly; e.g., at curfew)
it came in
s/he, it comes in, goes in, enters
it comes in, goes in, enters
heat comes in
cold comes in
s/he, it is fifth, is the fifth one; (competitor) s/he comes in fifth
s/he, it is fourth, is the fourth one; (competitor) s/he comes in fourth
s/he, it is second, is the second one; (competitor) s/he comes in second; (baseball) s/he plays second base
s/he, it is third, is the third one; (competitor) s/he comes in third; (baseball) s/he plays third base
s/he, it is the last one; (competitor) s/he comes in last
(person in vehicle or vehicle itself) s/he, it goes in or comes in
s/he comes in and is seen, comes in unexpectedly
s/he interferes, muscles in; (humorous) s/he comes in just to eat and then leaves
s/he comes in repeatedly (into house, office, etc.)