Entry Definition
s/he sleeps with mouth open
s/he sleeps forever
(dog, cat) h/ bed; (animal) h/ sleeping place
s/he sleeps naked (Pesk)
s/he hunts raccoons; s/he pretends to be asleep
bedroom, sleeping quarters
s/he sleeps deeply (is hard to wake up)
deep sleeper
s/he accidentally falls asleep; s/he oversleeps
it puts one to sleep, it is soporific
s/he slept, can sleep
s/he slept, can sleep
(leg, arm, etc.) it goes to sleep; (sensation in skin) it feels like pins and needles
s/he feels pain from it after sitting or sleeping on it (part of body)
s/he sleeps late
(visitor, guest) s/he sleeps over
s/he sleeps; s/he falls asleep
s/he puts h/ to sleep, puts h/ to bed
s/he puts someone to sleep (by feeding, rocking, stroking hair, etc.; usually child, but also adult patient, invalid)
s/he lets h/ sleep (by not disturbing h/)
(animate) nightshirt, nightgown; (inanimate plural) pajamas; (inanimate) something that helps one sleep, sleeping pill
it is asleep, it goes to sleep; it goes numb
period of sleep
s/he sleeps thus (refers especially to position of body)
s/he sleeps late