Entry Definition
(sun during eclipse, lightbulb) s/he, it is small and shining; (star, lamp, lantern, electric light) s/he, it is dim or faint
(sun, moon, etc.) s/he continues to shine
light shines through it, it is translucent or transparent
s/he, it shines or glows very brightly
it is incandescent, shines white
it shines in
it has stopped giving light, has stopped shining; (plant) it has stopped blooming
s/he dims it, turns it down or lowers it (light); s/he shines it on something lower down
s/he shines light on it
s/he shines light there for h/
s/he is shining light on it
(light, lamp) it is bright
s/he, it shines
s/he shines light on h/; s/he lights h/ up, puts light in h/ (e.g., pumpkin)
s/he, it shines, glows; (ai: lightning bolts; plural forms only) they flash
it is shining, glittering, sparkling
(star, etc.) s/he shines red
it emits red light, shines red
(light) it shines forth
(light) it shines forth brightly, sparks or sparkles brightly
it comes back into view shining
it shines brightly, it is aglow
it shines brilliantly, it is brilliantly lit
it shines from there