Entry Definition
(rock, potato) it is small
(something round; e.g., crab apple, rosary bead) s/he is tiny
(something round; e.g., crab apple, bead) s/he is small
(three-dimensional object) s/he, it is bigger
(moon, coin) s/he is big and round
(rock, potato) it is round and big
s/he is fat; s/he is large and round
(rock, potato, etc.) it is greasy
(ball, loaf of bread, etc.) s/he is round and greasy, s/he is covered with oil or butter, etc.
hooded seal
(pole, shovel handle, broomstick) it is round
it is round
(coin, plate, etc.) s/he is round
it is a round lake
it is small and round
(rock, potato) it is round, is spherical
(ball, apple) s/he is round, is spherical
(log, person, etc.) s/he is round
(bird, turtle, etc.) s/he lays roundish eggs (i.e., more spherical and less ovoid)
there are drinks being served, there is a round of drinks, there is a feast or party featuring drinks; treats of any kind are being given out (candies, cookies, refreshments, etc.)
it opens out (from something); (eye, nostril, mouth) it is big and round; (house, purse, eye, etc.) it is wide open
s/he is fat and heavy, is round and heavy
s/he is so fat, so big and round
s/he makes round trip, goes somewhere and returns without stopping over; (baseball) s/he hits home run and runs around bases (especially, Pesk)
it is circular