run away

Entry Definition
s/he runs away from h/ (avoids h/) going from place to place
s/he is runs away from it (avoids it) going from place to place
s/he runs away or flees without making noise
s/he ran away, can run away; s/he gets away, can get away
s/he wants to or is going to run away
s/he flees by going into hiding; s/he runs away farther than expected
s/he flees across
s/he flees to there
s/he flees to there, runs there to hide
s/he runs away because s/he is scared; s/he begins to get scared
s/he runs away from h/
s/he runs away from it
s/he runs away
s/he runs away with h/ to hide h/, runs off with h/
s/he runs away with it to hide it, runs off with it
(from boat, car) s/he gets out and runs away; (in boat) s/he gets to shore as fast as possible
s/he runs away, flees
s/he runs away
s/he flees to here, arrives fleeing
s/he runs to get out of the way, runs away to escape being caught
s/he is running away, is fleeing
s/he runs away and hides
s/he runs away with chest thrust forward
s/he is clever at escaping or running away
s/he runs or flees here to h/