stick onto

Entry Definition
s/he sticks close to h/; s/he is too strict with h/
s/he stuck on, can stick on
s/he sticks it on and smooths it out (e.g., wallpaper)
s/he sticks on; s/he hitches ride by holding on, (in general) s/he hitches a ride
it is on, it is stuck on
s/he, it bonds or sticks firmly (to something)
(something soft, e.g., oatmeal, meat, egg) it cooks on, sticks when cooking
s/he sticks h/ on in one spot
s/he sticks it on in one spot
s/he plasters it down, sticks it onto something (hair, plastic covering, etc.)
it is stuck on, it adheres
s/he, it sticks on close, hangs solidly close (e.g., coat, very close to wall, secured on hook so that it is hard to remove it)
it sticks on close; it hangs solidly close
(food) it cooks on, sticks when cooking
s/he, it sticks on
s/he sticks h/ on, affixes h/
s/he sticks it onto something, affixes it