stick out

Entry Definition
prominent, standing out, sticking out; loud; (prenoun) genuine, authentic, true, truly
s/he, it juts out, sticks out
s/he quickly focuses eyes on it, s/he notices it as standing out among others; s/he eyes it
s/he is in sight, is noticeable; (person, object, etc.) s/he sticks out in a crowd; s/he looks guilty
s/he comes in many shapes; s/he sticks out in one or more places
(tree, dock) s/he, it sticks out over water, field, etc.
(rocky ledge) it extends out into the water
(something stick-like) it sticks out from somewhere so as to be visible (e.g., pot handle sticking out of cupboard)
s/he has buck teeth; h/ teeth jut out
(pimple, bump, etc.) s/he, it sticks out, protrudes
(something stick-like) it sticks out (e.g., through window or door)
s/he sees that far
it extends into view, protrudes, sticks out, shows
s/he glances out quickly, sticks head out to take a quick glance
(something stick-like) it sticks out into view
h/ tongue sticks out, h/ tongue is showing
(something stick-like) it sticks out from there
it sticks out and is white (e.g., whiter than what it sticks out from)