Entry Definition
s/he keeps knocking or pounding or tapping or or chopping
it keeps knocking, pounding, tapping, chopping
s/he chops h/ into small pieces
s/he chops it into small pieces
s/he chops something belonging to h/ into small pieces
s/he shapes roughly by chopping with hatchet or similar tool (e.g., in making a handle for an ax or hammer)
s/he stops hitting h/, stops chopping h/
s/he stops hitting it, stops chopping it
s/he knocks h/ down, knocks h/ over; s/he fells h/, chops h/ down (tree); (figuratively) s/he sends h/ to bed
s/he chopped wood, can chop wood
s/he fells trees
s/he chops h/ down, fells h/ (tree); s/he pins h/ down with tree s/he is felling or log
s/he starts to hit h/; s/he starts to chop or cut h/ down (tree); s/he drives h/ away
s/he starts to hit it; s/he starts to chop it (wood)
s/he chops or pounds h/ poorly (tree, ash log, etc.)
s/he chops or pounds it poorly
s/he is heard knocking (especially, at door), s/he knocks at the door; s/he is heard pounding, chopping, etc. (but is not seen)
it is heard knocking or pounding or chopping (but is not seen); (clock, etc.) it is heard ticking
s/he is heard cutting or chopping wood (for firewood, lumber, pulp, etc.)
s/he trims h/ (log; i.e., chops branches off entire length of trunk); (with plural direct object) s/he clear-cuts them (trees)
s/he goes (comes) to cut or chop it (wood); s/he goes (comes) to pick it (berry, fiddlehead, etc.)
scrap left from chopping or splitting wood, wood chip
s/he leaves h/ as scrap when chopping
s/he leaves it as scrap when chopping
s/he splits or chops wood, hews