Entry Definition
h/ voice sounds faint
s/he has bass voice, has deep voice
s/he finds h/ voice or h/ words frightening
s/he sounds as if s/he is coming toward here; h/ voice (or other sound s/he is making) is coming this way
s/he stops making noise (with mouth, voice)
h/ voice is rough or hoarse; s/he croaks
s/he has loud voice, is loud; s/he is loudmouth
s/he has loud voice
s/he has throaty voice
s/he drowns out others w/ voice, speaks so loudly that others cannot be heard
s/he has nasal voice; s/he sounds as if nose is stuffed up
s/he is hoarse, h/ voice is hoarse
s/he sounds bad; s/he has unpleasant voice
s/he sounds bad to self, dislikes sound of own voice
h/ voice is heard (but s/he is not seen)
sound of h/ comes from that direction, it sounds as if he is over there; h/ voice is heard from that direction; s/he sounds that way
h/ voice sounds familiar (after not having been heard for a long time)
s/he finds h/ voice familiar (after not hearing it for a long time)
(boy going through puberty) his voice changes
s/he has louder or loudest voice
s/he squeals, s/he has sharp voice
s/he recognizes h/ voice, recognizes h/ by sound of h/ voice
s/he sounds good; (person) s/he has pleasant voice; (bird) s/he has pretty call
s/he speaks or sings pleasantly, h/ voice is pleasing to the ear