Entry Definition
(house, building) it is small
women's house
house with peaked and shingled roof
old house, old building
(house, building) it is big
s/he built or can build house for h/
it is in form of house, is shaped like house
birchbark house
to or at a destination or starting-point; (mainly Pesk) at, in, to my house
wooden house, frame house
s/he has house along there
brick house
clay or adobe house
house with peaked roof
chief's house; (Maine) governor's house; band or tribal office building
men's house
s/he is building house
snow house, igloo
they live near each other, their houses are close to each other, they are neighbors
frame house
s/he builds house(s)
s/he builds house for self
h/ house, h/ home
s/he builds houses for living
in, at, to h/ house; in, at, to h/ home