Entry Definition
s/he forms it at an angle or slant; s/he makes it crooked (when it is supposed to be straight)
it is crooked in form or shape
it is crooked in form or shape
it is at an angle, is crooked
s/he, it is crooked
s/he bends it crookedly
s/he has crooked eye, has wandering eye, is wall-eyed
s/he has shirt buttoned crooked
(something stick-like) it is at angle, it is crooked
it hangs crooked, hangs at an angle
it is made at an angle, is made crooked
s/he makes it at an angle, makes it crooked
(chair, etc.) its seat is crooked, its bottom is crooked
s/he nails crooked (e.g., the shingles s/he puts up are crooked)
it is crooked, slanted (in form, construction)
s/he is crooked, is slanted (in form, construction)
(tree) h/ grain is crooked or twisted
it dries crooked
at an angle, diagonally, obliquely, crooked
s/he, it juts out crooked or at an angle
s/he is sitting or is positioned crooked tilting sideways or turned to side
h/ shoe has a crooked heel
its mouth is crooked
(woodworking tool) crooked-knife
h/ nose is crooked (e.g., from having been broken)