Entry Definition
it drizzles
it continues to rain, keeps on raining
it stops raining
it stops raining, the rainstorm ends
it rains big drops, the raindrops are big
it rained
it rains, it is raining
(crescent moon) s/he "sits" in a position indicating a coming rainy period (i.e., crescent is tipped so that it appears to be pouring out liquid)
s/he makes rain
it starts to rain
(rain) it starts to sprinkle or drizzle
the rain ends, the rainshower or rainstorm has ended
it rains continuously, keeps on raining
it rains quite a bit
(soil, sand, salt, etc.) it softens from water falling on it
rain approaches or arrives, it starts to rain here
rain approaches or arrives
it is raining so hard that it is dark or it is hard to see
there is wind-driven rain
it rains lightly, it sprinkles
it rains and snows at same time
it hails; freezing rain or sleet falls; there is an ice storm; there is crust on the snow; (rain) it freezes forming crust on snow
(soil, dirt road, plowed field, etc.) it flattens out from being rained on
it rains heavily, it pours
it rains enough