Entry Definition
his foreskin is pulled or folded back
it is turned inside-out, is folded back
s/he pulls it down (hat brim or visor)
s/he relocate h/ by pulling quickly on h/ (dislocated joint); s/he pulls on h/ quickly (person, animal) to relocate dislocated joint or set fractured bone
s/he sets or relocates it by pulling quickly on it (fractured bone or dislocated joint)
s/he raises or lifts it, pulls it up (cloth, paper, etc.)
s/he pulls h/ up (rope, etc.)
s/he yanks it out (something string-like); s/he tweezes it (hair)
s/he slides or pulls it ashore (boat); can slide or pull it ashore
s/he hurts h/ by pulling h/ hair
s/he hurts it by pulling its hair
s/he yanks it or tugs it as hard as s/he can
s/he yanks it away from h/ with great force
they are pulling it back and forth between them, trying to take it away from each other
s/he hauls or drags it off (something) with abrupt motion (e.g., dollar bill from top of stack that has rubber band around it)
s/he throws it off, yanks it off (e.g., door off hinges); s/he pulls or yanks it out (from where it is stuck or encased)
s/he extracts or pulls h/ tooth (teeth)
s/he yanks it off, pulls it off quickly
s/he yanks or pulls sharply something string-like off h/ (e.g., loose thread on h/ clothing)
s/he pulls h/ off (necktie, string, etc.)
s/he pulls it (something string-like)
s/he lowers it or pulls it down with mechanical device; s/he turns its volume down (radio, etc.)
s/he pulls it down, lowers it (curtain, veil, etc.)
s/he destroys it by pulling it apart
s/he pulls in that direction; s/he goes in that direction paddling (or pulling self along); s/he heads that way because s/he is hungry or wants to be paid (on payday)