Entry Definition
s/he carries it upside-down, turns it upside-down quickly
s/he squeezes something belonging to h/ quickly (letting go immediately)
(conjunct forms only) s/he is walking very quickly
s/he lifts it up quickly
s/he quickly hides something belonging to h/
s/he drags it quickly (e.g., horse pulling sleigh)
s/he digs quickly
s/he affects h/ quickly; (inverse forms; disease, illness) it hits h/ quickly, (medicine) it takes effect on h/ quickly
quickly, fast; very, very much; more so than is desirable
s/he sings quickly
s/he snatches it; s/he carries it at high speed
quickly, fast; very, very much; more so than is desirable
dawn comes quickly, it grows light fast
s/he, it floats quickly on water
s/he works quickly
s/he is sprightly; s/he takes quick steps making noise with feet
s/he rubs h/ off (soft substance); s/he wipes h/ off quickly and inadequately
s/he sneaks a quick peek or glance
(land, cellar) it floods quickly
s/he runs h/ inside quickly (e.g., child, when it is raining)
s/he quickly runs something belonging to h/ in (inside, indoors)
s/he turns it face down quickly
s/he turns something belonging to h/ face down quickly
s/he glances, looks quickly
s/he observes it with quick looks