Entry Definition
h/ lips are turned out (e.g., exaggerated pucker, or lower lip folded down)
s/he puts lips together to make sound (e.g., kissing, saying bah)
s/he has stiff lip (e.g., boxer, from having been hit too hard)
edge or corner of h/ mouth or h/ lip
edge or corner of h/ mouth or h/ lip
s/he washes (own) mouth, washes (own) lips
h/ lip(s) are like that
(part of mouth) h/ lip
h/ lip
s/he points at h/ with lips
s/he gives h/ fat lip by hitting h/
s/he splits h/ lip by kicking h/
s/he has a mole on or near lip
s/he purses lips
s/he purses lips
h/ lips protrude (naturally, or intentionally, e.g., as a signal); s/he is pouting
(person) s/he turns blue; h/ lips turn blue
h/ lips are puckered up, s/he is kissable