Entry Definition
h/ lips are turned out (e.g., exaggerated pucker, or lower lip folded down)
s/he, it is curled upward
s/he is scorched and curled up; s/he is burned to a crisp
it is scorched and curled up; it is burned to a crisp
(animal, person) s/he is curled up into ball
(animal, person) s/he curls up into ball
(rope, snake, dog) s/he is lying coiled or curled up
s/he is curled up, has drawn arms and legs tightly into body
(animal, person) s/he has curled self up into ball; s/he is hunched over
s/he curls h/ hair, gives h/ perm
s/he curls it (hair)
s/he gets hair curled, gets hair permed
s/he curls own hair, gives self perm
curling iron
s/he, it is curled down, is crooked
s/he, it bends or curls around (e.g., vine around tree, binder around basket)