pitch 1

Entry Definition
(baseball) s/he changes pitching arm
(baseball: pitched ball) s/he is low (below strike zone); (person, etc.) s/he goes along at low level or altitude (e.g., bird flying close to ground)
(pitched baseball) s/he is downward curving pitch
(baseball) downward breaking pitch
s/he is ambidextrous; (baseball) s/he can pitch left- or right-handed
s/he throws fast; (baseball) s/he pitches fast, throws fastball
s/he threw, can throw; (baseball) s/he pitched, can pitch
(baseball) s/he throws a very sharp curve
(baseball) s/he can throw variety of curve balls, can throw changeup pitches
(baseball; pitch outside strike zone) ball
s/he throws slowly; (baseball) s/he throws slow pitch
(baseball) s/he throws variety of pitches to h/
(baseball) s/he throws variety of curves
(baseball) s/he throws variety of pitches
(baseball) s/he throws outside pitch to h/
s/he moves away quickly; s/he, it goes by at a distance (from something); (pitched baseball) s/he is outside (too far from batter)
(falling or flying object) it goes off course; (pitched baseball) s/he is a ball (as opposed to a strike)
(baseball) s/he intentionally throws outside pitch to h/ (to catcher, to walk batter intentionally, or so catcher can easily throw runner out who is stealing second base)
(baseball) s/he pitches left-handed, is southpaw
s/he twists; (pitched baseball) s/he curves
s/he throws it so far; (ai; pitcher) s/he throws for so long a time (e.g., for a number of innings)
(baseball pitch) slider
s/he goes right next to (something); (pitched baseball) s/he is inside pitch (too close to batter)
(baseball) s/he throws inside pitch to h/
(baseball: pitched ball) s/he is high (above strike zone); (person) s/he goes over (e.g., over falls in canoe, off tracks in derailment)