mean 1

Entry Definition
s/he thinks h/ mean or nasty or hateful
s/he is extremely mean-spirited or nasty, is very sullen or unpleasant
mean or nasty person
(person, animal) s/he is mean, is nasty, is bad-tempered
s/he is very mean
s/he is mean, is ill-tempered, is grouchy, is "ugly"
s/he is mean to h/
s/he behaves or acts badly; s/he is mean
s/he glances at h/ and looks the other way (e.g., because s/he hates h/ and doesn't want to be seen looking at h/); glances at h/ with mean, cursory look
s/he is so mean, is so ill-tempered or grouchy
s/he is very mean, is very ill-tempered or grouchy, is "ugly"