Entry Definition
s/he changes color, turns red; (berry, apple, etc.) s/he ripens
it is gray in color
s/he colors fancily (e.g., painting, decorating baskets with colored splints)
s/he paints fancily, s/he uses combination of colors to decorate basket(s) fancily
s/he colors or dyes fancily something belonging to h/
s/he, it is pink in color
s/he is light in color
s/he has color
it is colored
it is dark in color
it is money-colored (green or silver)
it is many-colored or multi-colored; it comes in various colors, is varicolored
s/he is many-colored, comes in various colors
s/he is black in color; (bruised) s/he is black and blue
it is blue, it is sky-colored
s/he is blue, s/he is sky-colored
s/he dyes h/, colors h/
s/he paints or draws with colors
s/he dyes it, colors it
it is colored thus
s/he dyes or colors thus
s/he paints or draws with colors thus
s/he is colored thus
it is light in color, is pale
it is light in color, is pale