close 2

Entry Definition
s/he holds h/ closer
s/he holds it closer
s/he sews with closely spaced or short stitches; s/he weaves closely, does fine weaving
s/he spaces nails close together
s/he walks near or close (to something)
s/he follows close behind it
s/he sticks close to h/; s/he is too strict with h/
that was close! it just barely missed! (exclamation when something just misses happening, e.g., when narrowly missing an intended target, or when almost getting hit, as by a car)
(in forest) the trees are so close together that it is hard to see or walk between them; it is a thicket, there is a thicket
(group of objects) they are positioned very close to one another, touching or almost touching; they form compact group
very close together, touching or almost touching (said of group of many objects; e.g., trees, vines, clouds, chairs, people)
(soldiers, etc.) they are standing close together
(group of objects, people, etc.) they are positioned very close to one another, they sit touching or almost touching one another; they form compact group
infielder who has moved closer to home plate (e.g., when expecting bunt or trying to prevent runner from stealing home)
(baseball; infielder) s/he moves closer to home plate
s/he drives it there (vehicle); s/he pushes it with force of body or foot; s/he moves body closer to it; s/he wears it (garment)
s/he rides or drives h/ (bicycle, animal); s/he pushes h/ with force of body or foot; s/he moves body closer to h/; s/he wears h/ (garment); s/he supports h/, backs h/ up (physically, morally); s/he affects h/ thus
it is closer or closest to the edge
s/he, it sticks on close, hangs solidly close (e.g., coat, very close to wall, secured on hook so that it is hard to remove it)
it sticks on close; it hangs solidly close
s/he walks closer (to something); s/he walks along very close (to something; e.g., hugging the wall)
s/he looks at h/ from very close; s/he peers into h/ face
s/he looks at it from very close
s/he sits close (to something)
s/he saps h/ energy by being close to h/