close 1

Entry Definition
cord that closes curtains or the slats of a window blind
s/he closes or lowers it (curtain, blind)
s/he closes the curtains (window shade, blind, etc.)
closed or locked place
s/he locks h/ up, locks h/ in, imprisons h/, confines h/; s/he closes h/, closes the opening in h/ (e.g., bottle, jar, hollow log)
s/he shuts it, closes it
s/he shuts something belonging to h/
s/he shuts it for h/
s/he closes it by covering it with cloth, paper, etc. tied in place
s/he seals h/ with something sticky (e.g., tape); s/he seals h/ in, closes h/ in
s/he stops h/ from bleeding by closing h/ (vein)
s/he stops it from bleeding by closing it (wound)
s/he boards it up
s/he bangs it closed, slams it shut
s/he slams it closed on h/
s/he closes it with stopper (or cork, plug, bung, etc.); s/he closes it by blocking entrance
s/he stitches it closed
s/he stitches h/ up, stitches h/ closed; (surgeon) s/he sews h/ up (after operation)
s/he ties it closed using tool
it is shut, is closed
it is a closed road, the road is closed
s/he covers (something) with cloth; s/he closes curtain(s), pulls down window shade(s)
(water pipe, windpipe, nostril, etc.) s/he, it closes, becomes blocked, swells shut
s/he shuts or locks self in, closes self in
it is shuts it out, closes it out, locks it out