run 1

Entry Definition
s/he keeps running back and forth
s/he runs behind something, runs out of view
s/he runs with head down
s/he runs into or hits against something (wall, post, boulder, iceberg, etc.)
(water) it flows or runs down below
(baseball) s/he runs h/ down (base runner trapped between two bases)
s/he runs fast
s/he runs over edge and falls (e.g., buffalo over cliff)
s/he runs h/ inside quickly (e.g., child, when it is raining)
s/he runs it in (inside, indoors) quickly
s/he quickly runs something belonging to h/ in (inside, indoors)
s/he runs in fleeing from something
s/he runs across
s/he runs downhill
s/he gets to it easily by running; (in translation) it is easy for h/ to run to it (e.g., distant place)
s/he easily gets to h/ by running, etc.; s/he easily gets something from h/ (e.g., money from official)
s/he stops running before reaching finish-line
s/he runs out fleeing from something
s/he runs h/ out
s/he runs it out
(river) it runs thus, its course is ...
(river) it runs thus, its course is ...
s/he is heard running along (but is not seen)
s/he walks or runs past h/
(ai; chain of mountains) s/he runs along; (ii; ridge) it runs along