pound 1

Entry Definition
s/he keeps knocking or pounding or tapping or or chopping
it keeps knocking, pounding, tapping, chopping
second length of pounding-ash from single tree (i.e., part above lower section of trunk)
person who purposely pounds an ash log for basket splints without overlapping the blows (to save time, planning to peel off the strips by force; splints are difficult to remove in this way without damaging them)
s/he stops pounding, stops knocking
it beats or pounds fast
s/he pounds rapidly with fist
s/he pounds it (something made of ash wood) down into the ground (Wol)
s/he pounds it in (nail, stake, etc.)
(e.g., tree) s/he, it was cut, can be cut; s/he, it was pounded, can be pounded
(ash log) s/he is easy to pound; (boxer) s/he is easily hit or knocked out; (lender, etc.) s/he is a "soft touch"
s/he wants to pound ash, is going to pound ash
(rope, string) s/he strikes sharply against something, pounds against something
s/he pounds ash log to obtain basket splints
s/he begins to pound ash to obtain basket splints
s/he mixes h/ by hitting or pounding h/ (soft substance; e.g., dough)
s/he mixes it by hitting or pounding it (soft substance; e.g., wet cement, paste)
s/he is always pounding
s/he chops or pounds h/ poorly (tree, ash log, etc.)
(tree, log, pole) s/he, it is poorly cut (e.g., crooked, too short); (ash log) s/he is poorly pounded
s/he chops or pounds it poorly
s/he is heard knocking (especially, at door), s/he knocks at the door; s/he is heard pounding, chopping, etc. (but is not seen)
it is heard knocking or pounding or chopping (but is not seen); (clock, etc.) it is heard ticking
s/he is heard pounding ash (but is not seen)
s/he pounds h/ down (risen bread dough)