work 2

Entry Definition
s/he keeps working
it keeps working
s/he has strange way of working
s/he works until dawn
s/he works in spite of something; s/he is joker or teaser
s/he stops working
s/he works upward, starts at bottom and works way up (e.g., painter, bricklayer)
place where s/he works, h/ workplace
s/he works quickly
s/he works all day
s/he worked, can work
s/he wants to work, is going to work
s/he works; s/he does (something)
it works; it does (something)
s/he starts to work
s/he starts to work it
s/he works with others
they work together, they are team or partners
s/he gets off work (at end of shift); s/he stops or has stopped working, retires, resigns, etc.
s/he works slowly
s/he works sloppily (e.g., taking shortcuts, leaving mess, leaving task unfinished)
s/he works in the open
s/he works late
s/he gets angry at it when trying to make it work (e.g., motor, clock, etc.)
s/he suddenly gets angry as result of working