head 1

Entry Definition
s/he quickly hides head behind something
s/he is bald
they bump their heads together (on purpose)
they bump their heads together (accidentally or by chance)
s/he pushes h/ head tilting it to side
s/he bumps h/ head against something tilting it to side
s/he has head down
s/he has head down (while sitting, running, swimming, etc.)
s/he runs with head down
s/he shoots h/ causing h/ head to go down
s/he walks with head down making noise with feet (e.g., wearing high heels or plodding heavily)
s/he bows head
s/he nudges h/ on head with hand or fingertips to get h/ attention
h/ head is itchy
s/he has large head
s/he hit h/ on head, can hit h/ on head
s/he hits h/ on head with glancing blow, grazes h/ head (e.g., with baseball)
s/he holds h/ head down on something
h/ head disappears inside or under (something)
s/he submerges h/ head in water
s/he pushes h/ head forward
s/he has smelly head, has smelly hair
(chicken, etc.) s/he pecks h/ to death (on head)
s/he has greasy or oily scalp (or head)
s/he hits h/ squarely on head