bear 2

Entry Definition
s/he fails to endure it, is unsuccessful in standing up to it
s/he can stand it; s/he endures it, bears it
s/he can stand or bear or endure something belonging to h/ (h/ behavior, action, etc.)
s/he endured h/, stood up to h/; s/he can stand h/, endure h/, bear h/; s/he can stand up to h/
(tree, shrub, berry) s/he, it blossoms and bears fruit
s/he gives false information about h/, bears false witness against h/
s/he is strong-willed, is brave, has strong constitution; s/he bears up in the face of adversity, grief, etc.
h/ weight can be borne by the surface (of frozen snow, ice, etc.); (hailstone, etc.) s/he is located on surface