stand 1

Entry Definition
s/he gets up (sits up or stands up)
s/he jumps up (to standing position)
s/he gets h/ to stand up by hitting h/
s/he stands leaning against it, leans on it
s/he stands leaning against something
s/he stands face-to-face with h/
they stand face-to-face
s/he stands with hips tilted to one side
s/he supports it in a standing position
s/he stands tense, rigid, stiff
s/he stands stooped or hunched over in frightened posture
s/he stands facing this way
s/he causes it to come apart by standing, sitting, leaning (etc.) on it
s/he causes h/ to come apart by standing, sitting, leaning (etc.) on h/
(tree, hair, grass, finger) s/he, it stands up straight
s/he stands h/ here and there; (military) s/he drills h/, gives h/ marching commands
(soldiers, etc.) they are standing close together
s/he stands it up in corner
s/he stood h/ upright, can stand h/ upright
s/he stood h/ upright, erected h/ (flagpole, etc.); s/he can stand h/ upright, erect h/
s/he stands idly, loiters
s/he blocks it by standing in front of it or in its way (doorway, television)
s/he quickly focuses eyes on h/, s/he notices h/ as standing out among others; s/he eyes h/
s/he is charmed (e.g., has special powers of healing or perception); s/he experiences chill (thrill) of fear, anxiety, or excitement; h/ hair stands up on end
they are standing in a line