fly 1

Entry Definition
s/he, it falls forward, flies farther (involuntarily)
s/he is flying, is on the wing; continues to fly, keeps flying
s/he, it flies or falls through the air at an angle (involuntarily)
s/he flies at low altitude
s/he flies low at it, flies down to it
s/he flies low at h/, swoops at h/, flies down to h/
s/he, it stops moving through the air (flying or falling involuntarily)
(bird, pilot) s/he flies up
s/he flew, can fly
s/he, it whirls through the air (flying or falling involuntarily; e.g., hat blown off in wind, frisbee)
(bird, pilot) s/he flies away, starts to fly
s/he flies away with h/
(birds) they are flying together in a line or as a flock
(birds) they come together flying, they flock together
s/he, it falls off, flies off (involuntarily)
(person) s/he flies using spiritual powers
s/he, it is heard falling or whizzing by (but is not seen)
(baseball) s/he hits h/ high up in air (pop fly)
(person) s/he flies regularly, s/he pilots
(bird, pilot) s/he flies away
(bird, pilot) s/he dives (at something) while flying, swoops
(bird, pilot) s/he flies over (something)
s/he arrives or approaches flying
s/he, it falls or flies to there (involuntarily)
s/he flies far, flies a long way, flies to distant place