out 1

Entry Definition
s/he unlocks h/; s/he lets h/ out by unlocking
s/he forces way out, breaks out (e.g., from jail)
s/he forces h/ to go out
s/he forces it out
s/he goes out from there
off; removing, taking off, doffing; taking out, extracting
s/he digs it out
s/he cuts it out
s/he sneaks out silently
s/he is in act of sneaking out quietly
(lake, ocean, etc.) the ice is melted and gone, the ice is out
the tide is starting to go out
s/he goes out into the water, onto the ice, into field, into clearing, etc.
s/he throws it off, yanks it off (e.g., door off hinges); s/he pulls or yanks it out (from where it is stuck or encased)
s/he rips or yanks it off or out (something string-like)
s/he keeps going out (when s/he should stay indoors)
s/he tears it up, digs it out of the ground (rock)
s/he gets out (from somewhere) on foot
they (two) walk out sideways
out; going out, coming out
s/he scrapes it out (soft substance)
s/he digs it out with hands (soft substance)
it flows out (of something)
s/he goes out, comes out
it comes or goes out; it becomes available for purchase, it is published