hand 1

Entry Definition
s/he has small hands
s/he has hands pressed together (e.g., in prayer)
s/he has stiff arm(s) or hand(s)
(dial, gauge) indicator, pointer; (clock) hand
s/he catches h/ (ball, etc.) with one hand
s/he catches it (something thrown or falling) with one hand
using one hand, one-handed
h/ hand is up, is raised
s/he raises hand and keeps it raised (also, raises both hands)
s/he holds hands with h/ wherever they go
(clock) second hand
s/he hides it with hand
s/he hides it with hand(s)
s/he has healing hands
s/he has big hands
s/he moves hand(s) methodically (e.g., playing musical instrument, typing)
s/he steps on h/ hand
s/he holds h/ by the hand(s)
h/ hand is in the way; h/ hands are in the way
s/he puts hand(s) in way (intentionally, e.g., to block camera lens)
s/he hides it with hand(s)
s/he hides with hand(s) something belonging to h/
s/he washes h/ hand(s)
s/he washes (own) hands
s/he has wide hands