live 1

Entry Definition
s/he lives forever
it lives forever
s/he lives until daybreak
s/he lives intensely
s/he lived, can live; s/he has survived
s/he lives on what s/he has available, ekes out a living
s/he freeloads, lives off others
s/he lives, is alive
s/he lives for so long a time
it lives for so long a time
s/he survives, lives through (something)
s/he suffers; h/ life is full of suffering (e.g., hunger, poverty); s/he lives hard life
s/he lives long time, long life
s/he survives until spring; s/he lives through hard times
s/he is tired of living, gets tired of living
s/he lives longer (than life-expectancy); s/he outlives (other family members)
s/he survives, lives through (something); s/he comes out alive (from accident, war, disease, etc.)
s/he is alive, is living; s/he is living (in a place)
it is alive, is living
s/he survives it; s/he lives by means of it, lives off it
s/he has well-ordered life, lives properly
s/he lives crazy life
s/he lives well, has happy life, has enough to get by on (food, possessions, etc.)
s/he leads a good life, lives well, has no wants
s/he lives well, is principled