tear 1

Entry Definition
s/he, it tears at an angle, tears on the diagonal
s/he tears off all h/ clothing, rips h/ clothes off h/
s/he rips its covering off
s/he stops tearing h/, stops ripping h/
s/he stops tearing it, stops ripping it
s/he tears h/ underwear off (against h/ will)
s/he tears h/ clothes to shreds
s/he shreds it, tears it to pieces; s/he finishes tearing it, has finished tearing it
s/he tears it to shreds, tears it into strips
s/he, it tears poorly (e.g., not in straight line or leaving messy edges)
s/he tears it out of the ground
s/he tears it up, digs it out of the ground (rock)
(e.g., rutting animal) s/he tears it up (ground) noisily and angrily
person who tears or shreds (paper, cloth, etc.)
something that tears or shreds; paper shredder
s/he tears it into pieces by making repeated tears
s/he rips h/, tears h/, splits h/ (clothing, carpet)
(clothing, cloth, paper) s/he rips it, tears it, splits it
s/he rips or tears something belonging to h/
s/he tears it to pieces
it bursts open by tearing or ripping
s/he tears it in two, splits it by tearing it
(cloth, garment, paper, etc.) s/he, it splits (by ripping, tearing) suddenly or all at once
s/he tears or rips it to pieces (something easily torn or ripped)
s/he tears or rips it in two