too 2

Entry Definition
s/he does too many things at once
too (see examples)
the tide is too high
(storm) it is too violent; the wind blows too hard
s/he is too fat
too, too much, too many; excessively
(flowing water or tide) the current is too fast
it is too well hidden
s/he is too old
s/he is too lazy
(shirt, shoe) s/he is too tight
s/he thinks too much, thinks sorrowful thoughts
s/he, it is too cold (to the touch); (ii; weather) it is too cold
s/he is too heavy
s/he is too busy
s/he smokes too much
it is too big
(person, shirt, cup, etc.) s/he is too big
(spring, fall, etc.) it is too rainy
s/he works too much, works too hard
(object, weather) it is too hot
s/he sits too much
s/he is too strong (physically)
it is too strong
s/he talks too loud, talks too much