become 1

Entry Definition
(something string-like) it becomes tangled
s/he becomes shorter as s/he dries (e.g., rope)
it becomes shorter as it dries (e.g., leather shoelace)
s/he becomes wide-eyed from being hit or startled
(something string-like) it becomes tangled
(something string-like) s/he, it becomes tangled
(something string-like) it becomes tangled by flapping around
(joint) it becomes dislocated from sudden impact or pull, becomes dislocated in a fall
s/he becomes a mosquito
h/, its price rises; s/he, it becomes more valuable
(child) s/he is or becomes orphan
(moon) s/he has become full, has become a full circle
s/he loses weight, becomes thinner, slims
s/he makes h/ sick, causes h/ to become ill
s/he, it turns into butter
(part, attachment) s/he, it has become detached, is not attached
(health) it worsens, turns into something worse (e.g., cold becomes pneumonia, rash becomes eczema)
it becomes overcast; (cloud cover) it spreads over whole sky
it is heard, it becomes known
arriving, upon arrival, reaching; becoming
s/he becomes angry
it grows cold, becomes cold
s/he becomes different, changes
cloud fills the sky, it becomes overcast
(metal, butter) it melts, becomes molten