rock 1

Entry Definition
s/he carves it (e.g., petroglyph) using rock to chip at it
there are sharp rocks or stones there
h/ anchor or fishing line is snagged on rock(s)
(water) it flows many different ways over rocks
s/he tears it up, digs it out of the ground (rock)
(rocky feature in landscape) it extends away
rock, stone
s/he stones h/, throws stones at h/, pelts h/ with stones
s/he throws stones at it, pelts it with stones
something made of rock; (inanimate) (Polypodium virginianum) polypody, rock fern; (Cryptogramma stelleri) rock brake, slender cliffbrake
(rock) there is a crack or split in it
hot rock (for use in sweat-lodge or for heating water)