look 2

Entry Definition
s/he looks toward here
hey!, listen!, hark!; look!, give heed!, pay attention!
hey!, listen!, look!
s/he moves it around (eye) watching or looking
s/he looks for work
s/he looks there
s/he looks with telescope, binoculars, etc.
s/he observes h/ with quick looks
s/he goes (comes) to see h/, to visit h/; (cards) s/he looks to see h/ hand
s/he looks in that direction
s/he looks to the left
s/he looks past h/, looks at h/ without seeing h/ (e.g., when looking for someone in a crowded room)
s/he glances all around, takes a good look
s/he looks from there
s/he lifts it from one side to look underneath
s/he likes to look at h/
s/he likes to look at it
s/he is a peeping Tom; s/he looks with indecent intent