turn 3

Entry Definition
it is slack water, is slack tide; the movement of the tide stops (when it is about to turn); (moving water) it stops
s/he is eager to do it, turns mind toward it; (ai) s/he thinks in that direction
s/he twists h/, turns h/
s/he turns it (knob, faucet, jar lid, etc.)
s/he turns h/ around (to face opposite direction; e.g., horse, by using reins)
s/he turns h/ around (to face opposite direction)
s/he turns around (to face opposite direction)
(person, animal) s/he attacks h/, turns on h/, goes after h/
s/he, it is flipped or turned by being hit or jarred
(weather) it changes, it turns
s/he turns it by means of a mechanism; s/he winds it up
s/he turns or winds up something belonging to h/