lead 1

Entry Definition
s/he walks h/ into water
s/he is poor, is in need; s/he leads a life of poverty
s/he leads the way leaving tracks (walking, running, etc; also, figuratively, innovating, managing project, etc.)
s/he leads the prayers, is prayer-leader
s/he goes ahead, leads, leads the way
s/he falls forward; s/he takes the lead (passing others)
s/he leads h/ out by rope, leash, reins (e.g., horse)
s/he leads it out on rope or string (e.g., pull-toy)
s/he leads out something belonging to h/ on rope or leash
s/he leads it away (something string-like)
s/he arrives leaving tracks, h/ tracks lead here
s/he leads h/ along on string, leash, etc.
s/he is led into temptation, is seduced, is led astray
s/he leads a good life, lives well, has no wants
s/he, it functions well; (ii: gun) it shoots accurately; (ai) s/he leads a good life; (as word of agreement or reassurance) very well, it's all right (mainly Wol)
s/he goes around with line of people (or animals, etc.) following behind; s/he has a following