gum 1

Entry Definition
chewing gum
spruce gum
gum, chewing tobacco, etc.; anything chewed in mouth
s/he chews gum
spruce gum (used as chewing gum)
s/he chews h/ (gum)
s/he is chewing h/ (gum)
s/he gives h/ chewing gum
pitch, resin (especially from pine, fir, spruce, etc.); spruce gum (spruce pitch used as chewing gum); gum, tar; sticky substance
piece of spruce gum or chewing gum; (Wol) piece of candy
they play game against each other for pieces of gum (i.e., instead of for money)
s/he has gum, tar, etc. (anything sticky) in hair
s/he is chewing gum
s/he bites off piece of gum s/he is chewing and gives it to h/
s/he likes to chew h/, chews h/ frequently (gum)
s/he is always chewing gum, likes to chew gum
s/he draws h/ (bubblegum) into mouth (after bubble bursts, or creating bubble inside mouth)