hard 3

Entry Definition
it is very windy, the wind blows hard
s/he hits h/ hard, affects h/ strongly; s/he runs h/ over (with car)
s/he slams it hard
s/he tries hard, is zealous; s/he moves violently
(baseball, etc.) s/he throws fast or hard
s/he hits it as hard as possible
s/he slams h/ down hard on the ground
s/he hits it very hard against something
s/he throws it as hard as possible
s/he coughs violently, coughs as hard as possible
s/he yanks it or tugs it as hard as s/he can
s/he yanks it away from h/ with great force
s/he hugs h/ hard or firmly
s/he hugs it hard or firmly
s/he works too much, works too hard
s/he makes h/ cry by hitting or slapping h/ very hard
s/he works hard to support h/
s/he works hard to earn it, acquires it through hard work
s/he works h/ hard
s/he works it hard
s/he laughs very hard
it snows so hard
s/he laughs so hard
the wind is blowing so hard
it rains so hard