bark 1

Entry Definition
s/he removes h/ underpants; (humorous) s/he peels bark off h/ (tree)
s/he takes off (own) underpants; (humorous) s/he peels bark
cedar-bark strip used to bundle hoop-poles, etc.
hemlock bark
birchbark house
poplar bark
s/he peels bark
at cedar bark peeling place
(basketmaking) s/he strips splints from h/ (ash log); s/he strips bark from h/ (e.g., cedar tree)
s/he strips bark from it (branch; especially, of black ash)
(Cornus stolonifera) red osier dogwood, red willow; bark of this plant used as tobacco
s/he peels bark
alder bark
bark torch (usually, birchbark)
bark (of tree); peel, rind (of orange, potato, etc.); shell (of egg, turtle, etc.)