fire 1

Entry Definition
s/he started or built fire, can start or build fire
they make communal fire
s/he has finished burning wood or fire
s/he builds roaring fire
s/he kindles fire for h/, puts more wood in stove for h/
s/he starts h/ burning, sets h/ on fire
s/he starts fire for h/
s/he prepares or builds fire, s/he keeps fire going
s/he builds fire for h/, keeps fire going for h/
s/he goes (comes) to build fire
s/he, it catches fire quickly, is combustible
s/he ignites h/, sets h/ on fire; s/he sets h/ house on fire; s/he fires h/ (employee)
it is set afire, set ablaze
s/he starts fires (grass-fires, brush-fires, or other uncontrolled or uncontained fires)
it bursts into flames, catches fire
s/he, it catches fire; h/ house catches fire
s/he throws it into stove or fire
fire or flames come out of h/, it
s/he kindles morning fire
hearth, fire pit, fire box
(animate; meteor) s/he is burning; (inanimate; fire) it is burning, it is (still) alive (e.g., woodstove or campfire next morning)
s/he is good at getting a fire going, knows how to build fire (in fireplace, at campsite, etc.)
s/he is building fire (preparing fuel and starting it burning), s/he is keeping fire going
s/he is preparing a fire for self